Any way to manually reconnect without having to click restart on a radio?

Sometimes the router won't automatically reconnect to the host internet's wifi when the host internet device has to reboot.
I've been clicking restart on the wireless entry for the relevant radio.
Any way to manually reconnect it that doesn't involve a full reboot of the radio, nor manually disabling and re-enabling the radio?

This post is irrelevant as it's on an entirely different router brand/model.
Not to mention that Openwrt doesn't disconnect the wifi like theirs does,
and mine usually does reconnect automatically.

You could use a hotplug script. Is this a wwan interface that's not reconnecting when the link goes down?

Yes, it's serving off of a wwan interface.
It's specifically the client mode wireless profile that doesn't always reconnect automatically when its host's wifi goes down.

I had a similar issue on 19.07 and created a hotplug script. It's a bit of a hack but it works until I find a better way.
Create a file /etc/hotplug.d/iface/99-wwan

[ "$INTERFACE" = wwan ] || exit 0
[ "$ACTION" = ifdown ] || exit 0
logger -t wwan "Reloading wwan due to $ACTION of $INTERFACE ($DEVICE)"
/bin/sleep 30
/sbin/wifi down radio0 && /sbin/wifi up radio0

You may have to tweak the sleep depending on the time it takes for the remote AP to reboot.