Any way to install openwrt on PIX-LINK LV-AC24?

ram 64mb
flash 25Q64CSIGG on -8mb
WEBSITE Of the device :

8mb flash is a dead end, those devices will be EOLed after the upcoming release.

not even an old version of openwrt?????
the original firmware excellent tbh but it got a problem is that after connecting to a network you can't get to the login page anymore you can only access to the one of the the network that you are connected to it which is really weird

Sure, but no one's going to put any effort info such a device.

Check there are any exploits or ways to get into cli, perhaps it's just a stupid firewall issue..

i found this [Preformatted text](
but it won't install
when i click on update no matter i wait and i reboot it just goes into the original firmware

Don't you think might be a better place for an inquiry then?

looks legit it's firmware selector