Any way to include everything installed on top of the configs when backing it up?

Any way to make a backup that includes all of the installed apps and everything not found in the base image while making a backup of my router?
I'm using this guide plus a shadowsocks server on my phone to transparently route all traffic over the hacky hotspot app I use.
And I would like to avoid having to temporarily run a proxy setup temporarily.
Which I currently have to do whenever I have to reset my router
in order to download and install the needed shadowsocks applications to my router.

Some ideas:

I don't think it'd work for the release candidate my router is currently running.
I tried going through upgrading to the now released version of 21.02 and ran into some issues.
So I went through the whole temporary proxy setup after downgrading back down to the release candidate.
I'm not comfortable trying the now released version 21.02 again until after I've got a full backup of the release candidate setup I am currently running.

I wanted to redo this as an "actual" reply.
Not worth it since it kept this post's spot registered.

I found this guide for compiling a custom OpenWrt image.
Which is unfortunately useless, as my router doesn't have an entry on wikidevi.
Which makes me uncomfortable with the idea of following the guide anyway,
as I don't want to risk bricking my router.