Any tips on how to improve gaming experiences other than qos?

hello guys,

is there thing i can do other than qos to inprove gaming especially fps games

can i use reverse proxy with gaming servers to cache and load balancing request if so what is the simplest way

If your issue is about network latency, then the basic rules are:

  • Use Ethernet instead of wireless
  • Turn off any bandwidth-eating stuff like e.g. background video-streams
  • Verify that your MTU-settings are correct (though they likely are by default)

That's about it. If your issues are not about network latency, then this is the wrong place to ask.

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my wan type is pppoe that uses 1492 mtu you recommand that i change mtu on all interfaces to 1492 except eth0.5 (the ethernet that ppppoe uses ) ?

No, I don't "recommend" it per se, because games typically deliberately use small packets anyway in an effort to avoid fragmentation. Adjusting your MTU is very likely to not make a lick of a difference. Still, feel free to try; you'll only lose a couple of minutes of your time at worst.

QoS and Ethernet-connection are the two most effective methods.

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