Any Thoughts About Collaborating With Alpine Linux?

So recently I've been working with Docker. I have good experience with OpenWRT/LEDE, so I was contemplating trying to use it as a base to build slimmed-down, minimal container images. Then I learned that there is already a favoured solution for this in the docker community: Alpine Linux.

Comparing the two distros, the similarities are clear - both are Linux + Musl + Busybox based. In theory, they could already be binary compatible. Alpine have their own minimal packaging system called apk, which seems quite similar to opk in it's function.

So I just thought I'd throw this out there - has any consideration been given to working together on a shared packaging infrastructure? This could be beneficial to both projects in eliminating duplicated effort and creating a larger package ecosystem.


Did you try to launch alpine linux packages in openwrt x86 vm? Maybe i can get xorg from it