Any recomend for Amped router?

Hello, can someone guide me which firmware I could use for my amped ac1900 b1900rt router. I have not been able to find updates or from the amped page itself.

The only Amped devices that appear to be supported by OpenWrt are:

  • ALLY-00X19L
  • ALLY-R1900K
  • B1200EX

Your devices do not appear to be supported by the official project.


I know appreciate the response that's why I was asking if there was any other alternative but I haven't found anywhere else, not only for this firmware but for others, it's so initul amped in their technical service.

Then perhaps you should add the word alternative in front of firmware, in your 1st post ?

The OpenWrt forum isn’t the right venue to seek out alternative firmware (aside from OpenWrt) - that is considered off topic here. I’d recommend using other more generalist sites and forums to request assistance with that device.

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That's why I never used the words firmware alternative. Anyway, thank you, I thought that at least they will have alternatives, even if they are purely generic or experimental according to the architecture of the router.

Well, using the word or not does not change the fact that this is exactly what you're asking about. Not being clear on the question makes it harder for others to answer, and the result won't be any more positive that way either (nor keep it formally on topic, while it is not).