Any packages to consider on x86?

OpenWrt is special in that not all modules or even base packages are deployed on the same scale as a traditional desktop distro. As such, I modified the wiki page with this section which is meant to capture a list of some suggested packages for user to think about installing on x86. Am I missing anything?

There was one package that particularly made sense for x86/intel, at least in the past:
it will lower overall power consumption, as it often can successfully activate missing intel CPU c-states (assuming the BIOS config has them also properly enabled):

to use, you have to install the module powertop once
and also run powertop --auto-tune once after each reboot.
(You may though need to check possible side effects on performance, if you prefer max performance)

I have not yet checked the successor plans of powertop, as I got the impression that it is no longer maintained, probably more recent kernels perform already sufficiently reasonable CPU C-State configs.

PowerTop is still actively (albeit slowly) being developed on GitHub, and I've had a PR of mine accepted about a quarter ago. I don't know when a new release is going to be cut though.

I tried powertop but found no change in idle power consumption. I was thinking more of getting some contributions to the wiki subsection.