Any package or tool to run memory test from LEDE

I have a router I suspect has some bad memory. I searched a little with no luck. Anybody know of anything I could run within LEDE? Thanks

I found your post today while googling for a memtester for LEDE/OpenWRT.

It looks like there used to be a package called memtester in OpenWRT as recently as 2015 and it was removed at some point.

There appears to be a pull request to put it back in. If you build your own, you might be able to just pull this into your feed and build, which is what I am going to try here shortly.

Thanks @jmomo. I ended up running the memtest from u-boot this was on a u-boot based router (WRT1900ACv1). It gave me weird results though unfortunately. 99% sure the HW was bad in this router. Apparently u-boot ships with the base version of memtest, you can run a more detailed version but have to recompile it. I didn't go that far.