Any package or configuration to mimic sierra's direct-ip mechanism?

is it possible to make the huawei router (currently B312-926) to work like sierra (currently 320u) whether from the modem itself or from the openwrt router, if so , how do i do that ?

You may need to ask in forums that are dedicated to Huawei modems... This is not really an OpenWrt question.

but the quick answer is that you have three options:

  1. put the Huawei into bridge mode (this is preferred) so that it passes the ISP provided IP directly to your OpenWrt router's WAN.
  2. Open/forward ports (or "DMZ") in the Huawei modem to the address of the OpenWrt WAN
  3. If the Huawei device supports the addition of static routes, you can turn of NAT masquerading on the OpenWrt device and set a static route on the Huawei.

Thanks for quick answer, anyway if there are any openwrt package or configuration to make the openwrt clients has the same public ip as the openwrt router's public ip (even if its different from modem's public ip), that should be fine (not huawei related anymore)

my huawei private ip is, openwrt private ip is

could you explain the steps for point 3 ? i'm not expertise in networking

You probably only get a single public IPv4 address from your ISP. Your OpenWrt device sits behind the Huawei router, so it will not have a public IP address... it will have an RFC1918 private address. The DMZ should work, in theory.

Option 3 involves finding a feature (if it is exposed to the user) called "static routes" -- if you can find that in the Huawei config options, you can set up a situation where NAT is not required for the second (OpenWrt) router.

There is nothing you can do on the OpenWrt side (except if option 3 is available to you) to change any of the rest of the equation.

can't find that feature in huawei configs, i found these config (not sure if its related or not) :

is it possible to accomplish this using 2 openwrt router ? perhaps that "static routes" in 1st OpenWrt router and "turn of NAT masquerading" on 2nd OpenWrt router connected to the first OpenWrt router ? will all devices connected to the 2nd OpenWrt router detected as single device in 1st OpenWrt router

Let’s look at this another way…

Can you remove your huawei router entirely? You don’t need two routers.

and then ?

connect your OpenWrt router directly to the internet... but that assumes you have ethernet coming into the Huawei device from the ISP.

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i was referring a cellular connection

Ok... so that means you probably must have your Huawei router in place. You could consider replacing that with a cellular-to-ethernet bridge device... but as long as you've got that Huawei device, you'll probably need to work with Huawei support (or community forums that support that device) and/or your ISP.

How about this ? What is IGMP? | Internet Group Management Protocol | Cloudflare
description says :

The Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) is a protocol that allows several devices to share one IP address so they can all receive the same data.

although i'm not really understand, is it just a software configuration and applicable in openwrt ?
i'm currently using 2 openwrt router, 1st connected to huawei, 2nd connected to 1st only as dumb ap

IGMP is not suitable for this application -- and unless all of your devices were to receive the same data (as per the description you posted), it wouldn't be appropriate.

If your OpenWrt device is really just intended to be a dumb AP, you should configure it as such (link). Then connect your OpenWrt device using its LAN port (not the WAN). All of the routing and firewall features would be bypassed, and your Huawei would handle all of that for you.