Any OpenWrt User Guide for Linksys RE6500?

Hello fellow OpenWrt'ers... I have dabbled in the software a few times in the past and eventually give up and go back to stock firmware. I am really hoping someone can assist me in changing that because I love the ability to control my devices and software, the way they SHOULD run, and not the way the ISPs want them to run.

That being said, I have a couple Linksys RE6500's around the place and saw that I could install OpenWrt on it, and then be able to install OpenVPN on it afterwards. That is the goal at least. I actually use TorGuard VPN but I believe they have a config file created for OpenVPN or equivalent. That's a bridge I will cross, as soon as I can get my connectivity working however.

Would someone be so kind as to provide instructions on how to configure my RE6500 now that I have OpenWrt installed? I can't seem to figure it out and every where I look, it talks about OpenWrt configurations that are on routers. This unit is an extender/switch. The ethernet ports are all LANs. There is no WAN port.

I would assume (and I tried for 3 hours now) that I need to create a VLAN connection some way so that one LAN port (let's say port 1) would act as a WAN which I would connect to my main router, and then the remaining 3 LANs could be used as designed, in addition to the WLANs 2.4 and 5GHz being able to route through the VPN.

Sorry for such a long winded explanation but I only have a little bit of hair left that I haven't yet pulled out and would like to keep it if I can. So please, I am begging for someone to show mercy and help me with the basic instructions to get my internet connectivity working. Then I can figure out how to install and configure my VPN.

Thank you in advance for the consideration!

Hi! I was able to figure out the configuration, as well as install OpenVPN and configure TorGuard VPN with it using a tutorial posted on TorGuard's forum titled: LEDE - OPENWRT TORGUARD VPN SETUP

Just in case someone else wanted to know how to do it. If I'm not allowed to refer to that guide, my apologizes, and I will edit if told to do so. I just found it super helpful - that's all. :slight_smile:


Hi @ColtonYYZ,

I want to do the same exact thing with an RE6500 but using PIA VPN. Did you have to create a VLAN or not? Do you have any instructions you could share with me?


Yes, because the RE6500 is an unmanaged switch, once you install OpenWRT, you need to create a VLAN so that you can designate one ethernet port as your WAN and the rest as LAN.

Care to share info about setting up the VLAN? Those things make my brain hurt. I assume you have to change settings on the router and the RE6500. After that I think I could figure out the settings for OpenVPN since PIA has a tutorial that I've downloaded.