Any one using SE Linux with OpenWrt?

Hi I know that OpenWrt has SE Linux now, but have never used it. I would like to know if any one uses it and is there any drawbacks? It works well for android. To get it working is it just a case of putting a * by the option use SE Linux and building your bin? Is there other packages you have to build in. Thanks Tapper.

After flashing I get this when trying to log in to luci.

Unable to launch the requested CGI program:
/www/cgi-bin/luci: Permission denied

Not a grate start.

SELinux is basically an enhanced permissions and privilege containment system. OpenWrt is, essentially, a single-user system that considers its components trusted. I don't honestly know how or why it was implemented in OpenWrt, though I suspect it was some vendor or other who needed to have it to meet contractual requirements. It's use in OpenWrt doesn't really make a whole lot of sense right now. OpenWrt is moving more towards that kind of containment, but it's not there yet.

I wouldn't recommend trying to implement it. Even if you get something working, it's far more likely to be Mommy Medicine right now than anything useful.

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Yeah I am starting to see that. It just breaks so mutch. After installing a build with SE Linux my passwords were reset and it all so breaks adblock. I flashed back to a build with out SE Linux.