Any new informations when branch to stable happens?

Any new information when the branch is done?;a=heads this will tell, just after the fact.


But actually I want to find out how fast I have to add all the functionality I need in the new release. ^^

Well, the 20.0x branching was supposed to happen in January 2020, July 2020, December 2020, in ...

I think that currently it is mainly delayed by the lack of full DSA config support both netifd and in LuCI (as some targets have been changed to use DSA instead of traditional swconfig).


I think I read in December in the IRC that branching should be in 2 weeks. has been turning more and more green.


Yeah but DSA is still the hugest part. :wink:

Last relevant edit in November...
(and then just some editing about https toggle on/off in December)


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