Any Mac users out there that can help me?

I'm trying to install OpenWrt to the following
However, all the videos I can find are for Windows.

I need help to install the OpenWrt file via Mac. I tried reading the following page,, but it's not making any sense to me as MacTFTP is not compatible with my Mac.

If someone can walk me through this that would be great.

It's kind of urgent as well.

These instructions for tftpd (tftp server) on macOS seem to be valid for apple silicon-based macs with recent macOS:

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Thank you!!! I'll give this a try now, @stangri

It just so happens that I created a script for enabling and disabling the tftp server and switching my ethernet port between normal dhcp mode and the required tftp configuration. It's not elegant, but got the job done for my 902ac v1.

You'll probably need to make changes to this for your environment, and YMMV.


usage="USAGE: <[start | stop]> <complete_path_to_recovery file>"

# OS/System specific variables

# Device specific variables
# TP-Link TL-WR902AC v1

# If we are starting the tftp Server
if [ $1 = start ]
	echo Starting revovery mode...
	# Check that 2nd argument (recovery image) has been specified (does not validate file)
	if [ -z $2 ]
		echo $usage
		echo "Copying file $2 to $tftp_file_path." 
		sudo cp $2 $tftp_file_path
		echo "Setting ethernet $ethport to $ip_addr $subnet." 
		# Set the ethernet interface to the expected tftp server address
		sudo ipconfig set $ethport manual $ip_addr $subnet
		echo "Starting tftp server."
		# Enable the tftp service
		sudo launchctl load -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist
# If we are stopping the tftp Server
elif [ $1 = stop ]
	echo Stopping... resuming normal mode
	# Disable the tftp service
	sudo launchctl unload -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist
	echo "Deleting file $tftp_file_path" 
	sudo rm $tftp_file_path
	echo "Setting ethernet $ethport to DHCP" 
	# Set the ethernet interface to back to DHCP for normal operation
	sudo ipconfig set $ethport dhcp
	echo $usage 

Thank you. I'm not very technical, so I'm not sure what this means.

I'm not quite understanding how to get it to the Router. Is there a chance you can make it clearer for me?

I was able to put the Firmware OpenWrt Install file into the /private/tftpboot folder. But I don't understand what to write to get it on the Router.

Here is the general information about setting up the tftp server on the mac.

You will connect your TL-WR902AC via its ethernet port to your mac, and your mac will be configured with the necessary device-specific details that you will find here. That includes renaming the firmware file and copying that to the location mentioned in the general information.

From there, you will trigger the tftp mode simply by powering on the 902ac. According to the information on the device page, 8-seconds after you apply power it will try to connect to the tftp server (running on your mac), and it will automatically pull the firmware file and write it to the flash memory. This may take a little while, but then the device will restart. When you see that happen, unplug the ethernet cable and reconfigure your computer to get an address via DHCP on that ethernet port, then plug the 902ac back in and when it completes booting, you should be able to access it at using your web browser or an ssh session.

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Thank you for trying to help, but I'm just not getting it. Feels like info is missing.

I'm just not getting how to trigger the transfer to the 902ac. I have no idea what command to write as I can't find it anywhere.

I'm also struggling with the terminology like the following...

● Configure your network interface for the proper server address for your device. Using System Preferences > Network is perhaps the easiest. (Configure to what?)

● Connect your device to the network interface (Does this mean plug it into your Mac?)

The apps no longer work on my Mac which is at 13.4.1. The OSX completely blocks them.

Also, does this add the Luci interface or do I have to do something else?

The transfer happens automatically -- the 902ac will request the file from the tftp server (on your mac) without any action on your part.

The IP address and subnet mask shown in the device page info link I provided. You need to configure the ethernet port, specifically.

Yes, plug it into your mac's ethernet port. If your mac doesn't have an ethernet port, you need to get a USB ethernet adapter so that you have the ability to connect via ethernet. this is mandatory.

This is not a separate app... there is a built-in tftp server that you just have to enable (follow the commands from the general tftp server on a mac guide I provided earlier).

this is how you flash firmware. The presence of LuCI depends on what firmware you install (OpenWrt snapshots do not have LuCI, stable release versions do (like 22.03.5); the factory firmware is something else entirely, but has a web interface).

---> maybe it's worth asking you this question:
What is the current status of the router? Does it have the factory/vendor firmware on it? Did you install OpenWrt already? If so, what was the specific file you installed? Is it booting properly?

Perfect! That's cool...

This info right? – Bootloader tftp server IPv4 address

I've got a hardwire.

exactly... you'll set your ethernet port on your mac to this address.

It's basically fine, the issue is I need to add VPN capabilities... I saw a video about the router that was 2 years old and the tp-link UI had the ability to add a VPN. But it's gone now.

Do you know of an easier solution?

what firmware is on it now? OpenWrt or something else?

Ok cool,

As for the command line...

path/to/file/to/serve.bin /private/tftpboot/the_name_the_device_is_looking_for.bin

I was able to put the file in "/private/tftpboot/" file and renamed it to tp_recovery.bin

However, I'm not understanding this first section "path/to/file/to/serve.bin"

TP-links out of the box firmware.

Here are the detials

Firmware Version: 0.9.1 0.3 v008a.0 Build 230531 Rel.57722n(5553)

Hardware Version: TL-WR902AC v4 00000001

ok... so you're trying to install OpenWrt for the first time... in that case, tftp is the way to do it.

if you did this, you should be fine.

I tried and it didn't work...

I set the IP to

Am I typing anything wrong?