Any firmware may work on the netgear CG3300D?

I have the netgear CG3300D that i'm not using, I wanted to mod it with firmware so I can try to use it as a access point on my wifi via Ethernet on my pc.

Any idea which firmware I could try it?? It is not on any lists. I dont care if I brick it, it will be trash anyways I cant use it.

That means it's unsupported at this time.

Why don't you work on supporting it??

Do you have a serial cable, and are you willing to open the case?

well, I could try. What kind of serial cable? I have lots of it

3.3 Volt TTL to Serial converter.

Apart from the cable modem part and flash, this device use the same components as the TP-Link WDR4300/3600.

You could start with a initram image for one of the mentioned devices...

Dive into the gpl source code and find out the gpio for buttons, leds and more...

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I dont have that specific cable

I will look into this, what I'm looking for exactly?

You could use an arduino or something else with an usb ttl chip onboard...
If you have an arduino, connect the reset pin to ground and use the serial pins as connection to your router.

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ohhhh, I can do this yes. I will be back when I get to it.

You could look later in the code if you/we need it...
First you should try to boot one of the mentioned initram images. You have to build this images yourself because this specific ones are not build by the buildbots.

If you got serial access, post bootlog of stock firmware here with pastebin or something similar...

Before you flash anything, try to backup all partitions.

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will do thanks

Some info on serial cables in the OpenWrt wiki:

While that device does run Linux, it doesn't look like there is currently any projects related to it for OpenWrt, DD-WRT, etc. Sorry may have not been a popular device.