Any experience with ZyXEL NBG6817 (Armor Z2)?

It seems like this router is perfect. Anyone thinks it?
I used Linksys WRT but the WiFi is bad, the rest is perfect.
Do you think this Zyxel is the same as Linksys WRT, but as in additional it has perfect WiFi as well?

I've been pretty happy with mine over the last 2.5 years, as long as you don't expect routing at 1 GBit/s linespeed it's fast and stable (and so is the Netgear r7800, both are very similar).

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what is the max speed on r7800? i got 1gb wan up/down.

The same applies to the r7800, ea8500 will be slower than that.

ok, so i am stuck with linksys wrt. never mind with wifi ac 5ghz 877mbit is ok.... rest is top notch...

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