Any experience of ZTE MF286D?

New to this stuff, but wanting to learn.

Been looking looking and looking for a device I can buy in my region (northern Europe) that supports 4g sim and has OpenWRT support. In the past I bought a device where wifi didn't work so I would really like to avoid that this time.

Any experience of this device? Anything to watch out with? Not much info on forum but as I understand the wiki this is a supported device?

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Thanks, I looked at those and my takeaway is that most stuff is supported (no voip), so wifi, ethernet and 4g connection should work I guess? Those are what I need.

Just trying to make sure so I'm not in for some unnecessary surprises.

For specifically the mf286d, the developer who onboarded the device mainly posts over here:

Google translate will help, it's a very powerful router once flashed with openwrt.