Any EAP225 v3 (EU) user experiences

is there anyone have been testing the EAP225 v3 (EU) with the last OpenWrt (with default setting)


I had this one in operation (as AP) with Openwrt 22.03.x however I've recently replaced with a WAX202 for the AX wifi. But before that no issues whatsoever with the EAP225 V3, worked as expected.

What is your exact query regarding this AP?

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i have a tp-link EAP225 v3 (EU) as a dumb AP with a default wifi setting.
the device is stable when no connection to 5G, where all are connected to 2.4G.

and when any device connects to 5G, the EAP225 crash immediately.
before crashing, the following log appears:
ath10k_ahb a000000.wifi: Invalid VHT mcs 15 peer stats

when decreasing transmit power of 5G or 2.4G to 15 or beyond, the device will be stable.
i had install all openwrt versions, same problem appears.

do you had EU version?

Hmmm, that's really weird, I did not have this issue. Only thing I noticed the EAP225v3 cannot scan for other 5GHz networks. I bought my unit second hand in NL, EU version indeed. Powered with an POE injector.

But to my knowledge I never had crashes. I configured via the dump AP tutorial on Openwrt wiki.

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did you use both 2.4G and 5G?

Yes, I used both 2.4 and 5GHz, and I configured for fast roaming as well.

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what transmit power did you use?
24 for 2.4 and 23 for 5g ?

I never touched that so should be default

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Tried eap245 and 225 (EU).
Well they work and data flows (if you want to), but I doubt there are actually any working MIMO support on the OpenWrt drivers.

My general feeling of performance on these devices is not even comparable to original drivers.

But now I am running a EAP653 (AX) access point on original firmware.

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I'm using a cheap utp wire , is that cause the problem of crashing?

I really don't know. I was using utp cat6 s/FTP I believe without issues

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