Any comprehensive guides on configuring to utilize more RAM and/or space

So I am running an apu2d4 and its a beast of a board, but I feel like since OpenWRT is like many router OS's and optimized for simpler hardware, it doesn't take maximum advantage of the ram and hd space available to it when a more capable device is used. Are there any guides out there for this?

What is the problem with not using 100% of the available RAM + 100% of the available HDD space?


This does not work like that... Do not think you are missing something because OpenWrt is optimized for small devices. There is no configuration parameter that will make it faster or more reliable just by using more RAM or HDD.



Eduardo, would your view change if his instance was providing additional services to clients (cifsd for example)? would the O/S benefit from different default buffer sizes and sysctl values, among other things?

Yes, but I think that would be a different case.