Any 2+ port 2.5GbE routers supporting OWRT? (Alternatives)

It was, I bought two on DE Amazon, but it's OOS since quite some time.

I tried but it says that it's not eligible to send to my country for WRX36
I'm considering the Netgear, I have it in my country for 120€ faster delivery an super 3year warranty, so I don't see the point of importing it for only barely $20+

I'm checking if I can avoid taxes given my commercial situation. In that case, it will go as low as $100 and I will purchase 1 at least. Only found the WAX in Amazon ES/IT though


For barely 15€ it's not worth the import

I think I'm going to be picking a pair of WAX and 1 Banana Pi :slight_smile:
And maybe save a little and wait for a BPi R4 in the future.

But I want to test BPi3 beforehand to see if I like having this kind of system instead of just a plain router

Is the Japan Amazon able to ship you WAX206? It's selling very cheap there.

Fujitsu futro s920 plus some cheap nic plus some decent ceiling ap.

A Lenovo Tiny M720Q or M920Q used, you can find it at 150€ more or less with a gen 8 intel I5.

Looks interesting, but for me, it's a little overkill.

After reviewing all options finally I've decided to go with BananaPi R3 Lets see how it goes. It looks pretty great.

Also I'm looking to buy as @fakemanhk the WAX206 in Amazon.JP it was 5500 this morning and now is up to 7000. I completely forgot this morning to review it further :frowning:. Maybe if I see it drops again around 5000, I may consider the 3 units + shipping (around $50 per unit like the Dynalink WRX36 used to be in EU).

I'm a little worried about the performance, because this would be my main routers for working and buying tooe many units in case if they are not as good as I would expect (otherwise I would rather choose some Xiaomi AX3600 that they have been performing well for me despite not having the 2.5G WAN port). Maybe I should buy first one unit in Italy, and if it works well, then buy 2 or 3 units more in JP if they lower again the price.

It was 49xx when I post (this price stayed for a week already), you've missed the best timing :frowning:
Even at 50xx I already purchased one, I know it might not be the best one for me but it's so cheap, I bought it and I can use it in other family members' home if I don't need it later.

I connect WAX206 to my 10G router, and the WiFi gave me ~1.3Gbps Oola speedtest result at 160MHz channel width, so I have no complain at all.

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Lets take this with perspective 100 yen is 0,64€
Basically buying at 4900 or 5500 at least for me, it's peanuts (5€ up or down)

The current issue I have with some routers but not all, is the little lag spikes

If I do a ping from my smartphone to the router, I can see in the graph some spikes I need to solve because they are hindering my experience (specially for videogames). I'm not sure if WAX206 with OpenWrt could have the same issues (I have not researched it yet well)

An example:

I can see spikes to ~100ms every 10-30 seconds which is annoying

With my Xiaomi AX3600 this doesn't happen for example (with even worse settings)

Only 3 little spikes up to 50ms (totally irrelevant).

If I buy 3 WAX206 from Japan and I see this behaviour, I can 100% forget about returns and all that (not like if I buy it from EU)

ok so don't watch this one :rofl:


Can I have 10 of those? I need one in each outlet :crazy_face:


I've bought the 3 units (limited to 3 units) without thinking much.

With delivery and everything to EU, 40€ per unit. I was about to rush at 5.5K but I decided that I did not need them so early.

Wow that's crazy price, basically now the US price is $28, immediately sent to one of my colleagues who was interested before.
I already have Buffalo WXR-5950AX12 as main and will be using the already purchased WAX206 as extended AP, I don't think I will need more (I still have Google WiFi 2016, 2 x Linksys WRT series, simply too many on hand, time to distribute some to my family members :stuck_out_tongue:

It's crazy, I have received a message now and it's arrives for Thrusday from Japan. It took almost the same than when I order from Germany to Spain and way less than when I buy in Amazon USA.

I will be buying on Amazon JP more frequently :rofl: They might have a Tokyo-Madrid exclusive airplane or something.

Given the decline of Japanese Yen, it really makes sense to order there.
I bought a 2nd hand Buffalo WXR-5950AX12 (Dual 10G ports!) with JPY 21,xxx from there which is not bad (the lowest I've seen was JPY 19xxx).

on Amazon ??

Yes, Amazon Japan.


Im not planning to go full on 10GbE because I don't have the money to keep it up. But I'm willing to go 2.5GbE at least for the full site as a first step

Something smells to me, that there will be a second step up to 5GbE before the 10GbE in 2 or 3 years. I cannot move anything forward than bare consumer products (and now that I've found that I can buy full top dumb AP for less than $50 instead of those super expensive Asus, Ubiquiti or TP-Link Omada, and super interesting thing I've discovered with self-built routers based on dev boards like the ones seen in this thread, I can't think on buying a high end router like I did in the past ($300+)

I guess not, the 5GbE is actually kind of embarrassing, the USB 3.2 Gen 1 based one can only run at 3.4Gbps max, not really great jump. If you use PCI-E card then everyone would simply go for 10G.

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Now the price goes back to almost 6000 JPY, which is 1.5 times of price you purchased, and I've got quite a few friends from HK also purchased at same price as yours (HK retail price is 6x)