Any 2+ port 2.5GbE routers supporting OWRT? (Alternatives)

I'm searching for router-sized alternatives to Banana Pi BPI-R3 if there exist at all because Banana has two 2.5 ports but SFP like TP-Link TL-SM410U, which means extra $25-30+ on top of the BPI-R3 for RJ-45 ports, for a grand total of around $200

So far BPI-R3 is by far the best option I've found, hands down

But I would like to see if someone found something with 2+ RJ-45 2.5 GbE ports just in case (not SFP)

Limit budget $200 (the least the better)

Dell Wyse Extended with J5005, ~$110 new, on eBay + a dual/quad 2.5GbE NIC ?
The quad port RTL NIC is $90 on Amazon, but you can probably find it cheaper.

I can find plenty of used ones around $100-$150
You mean like a dual PCIe 2.5GbE NIC?, which means another almost $50 on top of that

Also I feel it's too bulky for what I need.

I was looking for a router, just in case there is, not a server but it smells like it doesn't exist

Also I was wondering if any SFP to RJ45 would be compatible with OpenWrt. I understand that the "conversion" is made through hardware, so OpenWrt should only support the SFP ports, right?

$110 for a new one, sounds like a better deal, imho.

yeah, $40 on eBay.

there was nothing in your post regarding size ...

then there's

no idea about the SFPs, sorry.

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Yes, I was looking for a router but I did not state it :frowning:

No Wifi AX here I find the Banana Pi less bulky and superior yet (and way cheaper)

I was also thinking on the option of something like the Dynalink WRX36 + a USB3.0 to RJ-45 (still I don't know if this will support OpenWrt, which I seriously doubt), unless there is a very specific USB 3 NIC 2.5GbE which is supported by OpenWrt

same again, not a requirement in the initial post.

The cheap ones are all Realtek, and they are supported.

the qhora-301w comes with a dual 10/5/2.5/1Gbps + 4x 1gbps port + Wifi 6.


there is also the qnap qhora-322 (aka Puzzle M901) with 6x 2.5Gbps ports, but no wifi.

This is killer. 2 10GbE ports. But out of budget for me. Although I may consider it at some point, at least one unit if I can upgrade my network to 10GbE switches at some point (currently I only have 2.5GbE switches and no plans on upgrading at least in 5+ years)

Nice :slight_smile:
So this might be on top of the list now.

and what about this ?

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I wouldn't buy a no name box, with zero warranties, even if it was cheap.

Looks interesting, but Ive found 5 minutes ago, the Bananapi, that is 100% supported with even the two SFP now, for $170 including delivery (and the 8 x 5dB antennas for the 8 antenna slots, not sure if needed, but JIC)

i agree the BPI R3 is one of the best all in one actually.
But the BPI R4 is i guess the price will lower a bit

the Odroid H3+ may be interesting, but still more expensive than the BPI R3

count +16$ for a case

and +47$ for the netcard (+4x 2.5gbps ports)

+ram +storage...


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This is very tempting. Almost the same to Banana Pi + Wifi 6E and looks more "compact".
Something like this is exactly what I was looking for
I'm going to check the support post to see what people is feeling with the device

I might be buying 1 or 2 units out of 4 I need, and maybe waiting as you say in case price drops for BPI 3 still I seriously doubt they will ever drop, except for maybe one random unit at discount for clearance for whoever that spots it.

For what I've seen in this site, around $150/170 it's a great deal (with the 8 antennas and the steel case I must admit it looks like a commercial router)

The ODroid is also tempting, but summing up the RAM and the extra cards and case, it can go way over $250 with ease. It's true that i's an extremely powerful device for routing everything in the world, but personally I'm not going to lie, I only need a dumb AP to connect 1 port to the WAN and the second to a server and not requirement and independent 2.5GbE switch, so the cheaper the better.

The TP-LINK XDR-6088 is almost impossible to find, at least in europe...

I've followed the link from 4pda and it costs $260+

Basically, all the indications bring me to the BPI3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm going to ask that shop that retails it at $170 in Turkey and I might be buying 1 unit to test it and evaluate how it performs. I've also considered that maybe any other just 1 2.5GbE WAN router + a 4-5 port 2.5Gbe switch could be a better deal, but since Dynalink WRX36 and Netgear WAX206 are SO extremely difficult to be found in Europe, I don't think a very cheap not more than $100 router (with just the 1x2.5GbE could be possible) adding up at least extra $90 for a switch, to stay under my $200 limit.

The Dynalink WRX36 is not available in europe but will deliver it for a reasonable price.
actually 17.59€ for France


which make it delivered for : 88.89€ = $99.18

even less for the Netgear WAX206.

in USD = $94.66 delivered.