Antenna Pointing or Signal Meter type luci app

Hello, I have ZTE MF286R with OpenWRT flashed and TP-Link Archer MR600 v3 with stock firmware. I also have 2 external lpda antennas. My original plan was following this guide with Tplink. But I stuck at aiming antennas. I wonder if there is a type of antenna pointing or live signal meter type app for web interface.

I found this thread Cellular Pointing Software?. I have already installed 3ginfo-lite but it wasn't like how I wanted. In the screenshot they mentioned buzzdev says its from KeeneticOS. But I found that its actually from a Kroks router(which runs on a fork of OpenWrt). EM7455 / Kroks Kndrt31r19 Router Help No AT Port this thread proves it. In the screenshot Dart67 provided its clear that there is "Antenna pointing" tab. I think its possible to get the luci-app package for that and install into original OpenWrt.

Sounds like a fun project, good luck !

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