(another) swconfig --> dsa migration approach

Running 23.05-SNAPSHOT r23069-e2701e0f33 on a FB4040.
My swconfig setup is using VLAN 1 and 10 for LAN and GUEST network.

I'm trying to redo the setup with the DSA build.
As soon as I try to configure the VLANs on the bridge

settings are reverted after 90 seconds.
When applying unchecked the box is no longer reachable and I have to use "firstboot" to get back in business.
Any help appreciated.



did you really wanted to tag vlan1 ? very unusual setup ...

While initiating VLANs within br-lan, you will need to change the lan interface Device from br-lan to br-lan.1 at the same time, since traffic inside br-lan is now tagged.

Set up an admin wifi network and log in by wifi so you don't lose contact if Ethernet is misconfigured.

@mk24 , thanks for the hint.
Thinking about it, I should have found the solution myself.

eth0.1 for LAN and eth0.2 for WAN was the default for all swconfig devices, and as it was working I simply stuck with it.

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