Another archer C7 v2 bricked :(


I mistakenly bricked my archer v7 v2 router.

  1. I first flashed to the openwrt image. Tried it a bit..
  2. Then I wanted to try dd-wrt.
    That last step didn't go well apparently. Not usre what happen exactly.

Anyways, so the router seem recoverable because it tries to download via TFTP using the reset+power button pressed together.

However, I still can't make it work.

I tried mutliple images, including the one from this post (and the precious help from @juppin ).

Based on what I read, probably the image I try doesn't match the product ID.

I would think that installing the image from @juppin - an edited 19.07.03 factory image with hwid (offset 0x40) and product id (offset 0x44) set to 0xffffffff - would help but no success so far :frowning:

The wireshark trace looks always good: it downloads each time whatever image I put. But after that the router stays like this (see picture) (these 3 leds stay fixed lit up and nothing happens).

Any help appreciated :pray:

[](https://3 leds always on)
[](https://end of tftp trace)
[](https://begin of tftp trace)

Thank you!

maybe try 0x00000000 instead of 0xffffffff for vendor and product id.

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It worked! Thank you @Catfriend1 !

Here is the file for those in same situation (Archer C7 v2):

This image (link above) is an edited openwrt version19.07.03 factory image with hwid (offset 0x40) and product id (offset 0x44) set to 0x00000000.

Many tanks!


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