Announcing the OpenWrt/LEDE merge

Please use lede's forum software. Openwrt's sucks.


I second that.

Also put a date on all Announcements including year, month, and day.

A very often overlooked detail on the internet these days. In the timeless and eternal
internet it's hard to know what is fresh information or exactly how old information is.

Lot of news sites recycle old stories this way- no dates included with the story. Bad practice.


Similar comments already made in this thread...

LEDE's Forum should be kept... Also... Night Mode? For the folks browsing the forums late at night.


+1 for a night mode...


I added a "Condensed Dark" theme which you can select in your preferences. Does that suit your needs?


Yes defently !! I love it :wink:

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Thank you. (On behalf of my eyes at 4am)


it's not going to be as simple as 'this forum should be kept', the advantages of
each of the forums are going to need to be compared, and some sort of migration
strategy figured out for migrting content from the forum that's going away to
the one that's going to be kept is going to need to be figured out.

"The LEDE 17.01 release will continue to get full security and bug fix
support for both source code and binary releases.
We are planning a new major release under the new name in the next few

This announcement leaves me with some questions. Initially I was planning to use LEDE to image my router. With this merger and some things still needing to be sorted out, would it be better to wait until the new major release under the new name (?) has been issued; or otherwise where do you download a stable release that will continue to see support after the new major release? Maybe this is obvious to other folks. Sorry for being That Guy. Cheers

The LEDE code base will be replacing the OpenWrt code base, so using the LEDE stable release(s) will be fine.

See the LEDE documentation on getting started...

The Table of Hardware with firmware downloads...


Have the principals involved considered adding a link / (redirect) here to the other (legacy) forum, to preserve content for both? It would alleviate the need for major merging, etc., as content concerning the current point release exists here. ... And missing features, etc. could be added in a controlled manner. Just a thought.

Loving the new theme also. Thank You!

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well, there will be a link to the old one, because content transfer is never
perfect, but right now, neither one is 'the legacy forum'

There are far more people using the OpenWRT forum than the LEDE forum, so a
simple vote count of users will declare this one the 'legacy' forum :slight_smile: - Vote on future forum software
Even openwrt forum users don't want the openwrt forum.

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Not clear there is lots of double voting gong on. That is people registered to both forums vote in both polls (and rightfully so, IMHO). Also the openwrt forum, while probably having more registered users shows much less participation in the poll:

As of 2018 01 11:
lede poll (started 2018 01 07): 75 votes (lede 0.8875 = 66, openwrt 0.1275 = 9)
openwrt poll (started 2018 01 08) 21 votes (lede 14, openwrt 7)

I guess one question is could the moderators of both forums make the voting topic sticky so it becomes obvious to all users and at what point in time to finish the poll.

Also important, what %-difference should we use to declare a clear winner?

I don't think a clear winner will be found and maybe it makes more sense to let both portals running and see which one pans out in the end.

Personally I am not looking forward into having to use the PunBB forum again, will probably stop participating in forums at all if it turns out to be the sole solution.

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I agree.

I guess, I will not care too much, I am not participating because I like the forum software anyways so as long as the software is not actively hostile, I guess I will keep answering bufferbloat related questions.

But keeping both forums operational until one of them atrophies/stalls seems like a nice evolutionary way to figure out the "winner" :wink:

I've grown fond of LEDE, both the project and the name. OpenWRT is so wordy to say & type and feels so dated. Makes it sound like a flavor of DD-WRT.

I don't get why people feel this forum is so great. I spend more time hitting reload to try and get ANY page to load on here than actually reading or posting. Today alone I'm getting "Sorry, we couldn't load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.", 404 and "429 Too Many Requests".

Now granted, maybe its just on a weaker host, but it certainly doesn't give me much faith this forum is fit for purpose.