Announcing new BorgBackup packages

Hi all,

I made BorgBackup packages for OpenWRT (borg itself, and a number of new packages for its dependencies). Thought some people here might be interested.

The recipes are available here.

My initial use case is for a Turris Omnia router (equipped with SATA drives) to become a borg server for storing backups of my different machines, but the binaries would of course also work the other way around as a client, to backup stuff on an OpenWRT router to a remote borg server.

The packages should be easily compatible with at least OpenWRT 21.02, since this is the basis of Turris OS.

Is there any community interest that I propose a PR for inclusion of this packages set in OpenWRT upstream ?



Why not?
But you should issue and test the PR against the current master, not the semi-deprecated old stable 21.02.

Of course!

Since this involves a number of packages due to the dependency chain, shall I make a PR for each individual packages, or is this acceptable to make a single PR with all the packages at once ?


One PR with individual commits per package might be best. Then the automatic CI can evaluate the whole build. (otherwise it will fail for the topmost package depending on other packages from unmerged PRs)


I need a maintainer approval for running the CI pipeline

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