Android Intermitent Connection Issue


I have a really weird issue that is only effecting my android phone(Samsung Note 10). I have two openwrt devices one router(Archer A7 v5) and a wireless access point(Xiaomi 4A Gigabit). 802.11r is configured on both devices. When using my access point sometimes I get an exclamation point next to the wifi symbol and it says "Connected without Internet" toggling wifi always fixes the issue until it decides to stop working. This can happen twice in an hour or once in three days. This has been going on for two months.
All other devices both wired and wireless are working fine.
For my access point I'm using custom firmware by db260179 as there is no official release yet.

Can someone tell me why this might be happening and if there is anything I can do to diagnose the problem. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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