Android devices saying "connected, no internet" still getting internet, but disconects after a while cause "there is not internet"

Did you compare the WAN IP addresses (non-OpenWrt router vs the OpenWrt one)?

There's an option somewhere in the Android wifi settings, telling the phone to use the wifi, even if there's no internet access.

here is the solution it worked

*Just execute su then settings put global captive_portal_server SERVER_YOU_WANT_TO_USE in a terminal emulator app or ADB shell. I'm in China so I do this for every device I own when I set them up (i.e. clean flash - this persists through dirty flashing), and I use (shorthand for should have the same function though I can't be sure.

found not such option, fellow friend frolic

So it sounds like you've got a solution. It's hard to see how OpenWrt would have influenced this... I suspect it may have come down to the WAN IPs, not the routers themselves.

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yes sir, yes it is weird, looked for similar cases and found nothing, hard reset got nothing,