And again dns leak

I have dns leak with redsocks2 proxy configuration.
how to fix it

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Delicious choice:

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work ok

but what if i want to use google dns?

Google-DNS supports DoT/DoH, but not DNSCrypt, so your options:

  • DoT via Dnsmasq and Stubby - I recommend this one
  • DoT via Unbound - This is also good if you have OpenWrt installed on VPS, so no need for DHCP
  • DoH via Dnsmasq and DNSCrypt-Proxy-v2 - I have not tested it, but it should work in theory
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  1. get concerned about your dns-privacy
  2. configure dns privacy feature then send all your lookups to google/cloudflare
  3. ???
  4. Profit
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works well with google dns!
but why does not work with third-party servers? for example

Probably it doesn't support DoT.
Check the list of DNS-providers and the features they support:


what is DoT?
and is there any way use providers without DoT support?

  • DNSCrypt via dnscrypt-proxy or dnscrypt-proxy-v2.
  • DoH via dnscrypt-proxy-v2.

I tried these two methods, they do not allow to add their dns proxyes

DNSCrypt via dnscrypt-proxy - allows you to select only from its list

dnscrypt-proxy-v2 - own servers too, but complete randomization

The list of DNSCrypt-providers is a file you can edit: