Analyze firewall traffic for specific device?

Hi forum, nice to be back.
I just installed a christmas tree with wifi (an esp device my router says). Fine, it's working nicely, but it kind of give me the creeps that it's a china product and I have it on my home network now! I've not been good at using vlans so far, I got an issue with a dump ap not being openwrt-ed. So vlans for connected and wifi devices is kind of hard at the moment.

But my question is : can I look at what traffic the christmas tree is producing, in and out, destionations, protocols, stuff?
meanwhile I keep reading :slight_smile:

But it's still problematic:

  • To perform traffic monitoring for long time periods.
  • To analyze encrypted traffic.

Really??? :christmas_tree: :santa: :gift:

I have heard EVERYTHING!!!

What does it do???

  • Music?
  • Lights?
  • Change colors?

(Can you drop a link?)

Ummmmmm and it's in your house!

  • Does it have a camera or mic (that you know of)?!?!?!
  • Do you have to install a Chinese app on a mobile device too???
    • If so, what permissions does it ask for (i.e. location, contacts, storage, mic, camera, etc.)?
    • Are you monitoring that too?
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You can also create a separate network for you IoT devices, and regulate the traffic flow between networks.


It's on my wifi network and I've not been succesfull in creating an extra wifi with another vlan. Also I have a dump-ap connected that doesn't run openwrt so there is no vlan solution available for that ap. I would like to have several vlans on that one, but won't be able to do that before I buy a compatible router.

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Bought from a local shop so not sure about the brand.
Controlled by an app it does sound, lights and colors yes. It's a esspressif or esp controller that is connecting to my wifi.

Link over is somehow in the same category.

Because I don't know if it has a mic inside it's case/box, it would be nice to investigate with wireshark what traffic is going from that device. So far it's not much more than pings from my dumb-ap and replies.
Yes the app is installed on the phone, but it doesnt use any camera, microphone, photos, geolocaitons... nothing but wifi.