Amped Wireless ALLY build

Amped Wireless ALLY is a whole-home WiFi kit, with a router (model ALLY-R1900K) and an Extender (model ALLY-00X19K). Both are devices are 11ac and based on MediaTek MT7621AT and MT7615N chips. The units are nearly identical, except the Extender lacks a USB port and has a single Ethernet port.

My experience with these units is that the hardware is very generic but quite good; it's the Amped Wireless firmware that appears to have been abandoned. I think the hardware might be an Edimax design, as I can find some mentions of Edimax in the stock firmware, but I don't know the relationship between Amped and Edimax.

I've had a working OpenWRT build for these units for awhile but would really like it if others would be able to test and provide feedback. The working branch (based on upstream Master) is here. Last updated: 25-Mar-2021 (r15679)


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so explain what exactly was "amped" and why its useful compared to openwrt itself

Amped Wireless is a hardware manufacturer, not a distro. The linked branch is my port of OpenWRT to their hardware.

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