Amped Wireless ALLY build

Amped Wireless ALLY is a whole-home WiFi kit, with a router (model ALLY-R1900K) and an Extender (model ALLY-00X19K). Both are devices are 11ac and based on MediaTek MT7621AT and MT7615N chips. The units are nearly identical, except the Extender lacks a USB port and has a single Ethernet port.

My experience with these units is that the hardware is very generic but quite good; it's the Amped Wireless firmware that appears to have been abandoned. I think the hardware might be an Edimax design, as I can find some mentions of Edimax in the stock firmware, but I don't know the relationship between Amped and Edimax.

I've had a working OpenWRT build for these units for awhile but would really like it if others would be able to test and provide feedback. The working branch (based on upstream Master) is here. Last updated: 25-Mar-2021 (r15679)


UPDATE: My PR was merged in June 2021 and the ALLY units are now in the master branch. Read the commit note in the PR for installation instructions and please report here if you have any problems. Thanks.

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so explain what exactly was "amped" and why its useful compared to openwrt itself

Amped Wireless is a hardware manufacturer, not a distro. The linked branch is my port of OpenWRT to their hardware.

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FWIW working branch rebased from Master on 16-Apr-2021 (r16335).

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Thanks @False , glad it works for you.
There is no ALLY support so far; I have an open PR however.
I agree it's probably a clone of something else. The stock firmware has references to Edimax, so I think they are possibly the manufacturer.

@False I just noticed this the other day. It is a kernel LZMA problem that seems to be fixed by adjusting the dictionary size. Patches forthcoming, hopefully later today. Sorry about that.

@False Can you try my working branch again? I've dropped the lzma dictionary size to 128kb and that seems to work for me.

@False One other thing I forgot to ask. Are you updating the router (r1900k) or extender (00x19k)? The images are compatible, so try the extender's image in the router or vice-versa. Once during testing I did encounter a case where I had to use the extender's image initially on the router. No idea why.

You should see 2 ALLY target profiles, the r1900k and 00x19k; I'd start with the 00x19k when first converting to OpenWRT.

Any luck @False ?

As one of the few people who has this kit too, I'm excited to try this. Thank you for the detailed installation instructions (maybe you could link that commit in your OP). I'll give an update once I install today or tomorrow. Have both the R1900K and the 00X19K extender.

@roybotnik Thanks for taking a look. I find the OEM UI sometimes rejects the initrd image, so the tftp method is going to be more consistent. But nothing wrong with trying the web UI first.
I'm curious how it goes, so please report back. And don't worry, you cannot hard brick these units... I've tftp recovered these things A LOT along the way. :slight_smile:

good luck,

@jonathans Flashed both the router and the repeater with no issues. The router did work with the initrd image through the UI, but I forgot to include LuCI the first time around, so I reflashed with tftp out of laziness lol. Both seem to be working well, but I haven't tried much yet. Going to try using one (or both) as a bridge and/or repeater and see how it goes. Thanks again

FYI - OpenWrt 21.02.0 support is available now.

Please open new topics for any remaining questions.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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