Amped Ally-R1900k stock firmware

Anyone have a link to, or the actual stock firmware they could send me for the Amped Ally-R1900k? It got bricked before I could back it up. I can finally load the initframs. There's no wireless after that or after installing the sysupgrade. Password changes don't stick and I can't ssh into it because it doesn't like the password. Thanks for any help.

Finally figured out ssh. Still lost though. ifconfig shows the same as the gui. wifi up does nothing.

Think I may have accidentally flashed the initramfs through sysupgrade when trying to unbrick it. I saw a post saying that it's possible but difficult to recover from that but it doesn't tell you how. I have the stock extender image that will flash to the 1900k and boot so, I don't get why it won't let me start from that as if I've never flashed Openwrt before🤯