AMD Ryzen 7000 zen4 integrated WiFi from Mediatek?

Earlier AMD, used Mediatek for their integrated wireless solutions RZ608, RZ616 using Filogic 330P MT7921K chipset:

Anyone experience with OpenWrt using these earlier mediatek chipsets as in Client / AP mode?

Would by using mediatek chipset(s) the support and performance be comparable to other mediatek OpenWrt devices (same drivers) or comparing apples and oranges?

It seems that you need a very recent v5.17-rc1 kernel patch and correct firmware to use atleast the client modes (MT7921(e) may use MT7961 firmware).

#lspci RZ608
05:00.0 Network controller [0280]: MEDIATEK Corp. Device [14c3:0608]
    Subsystem: MEDIATEK Corp. Device [14c3:0608]

#lspci RZ616
??? [14c3:0616]

All depends on the radio chip (what chip does the Filogic 330P marketing name correspond to?) and if it's supported by the mt76 codebase OpenWrt relies on.

scared of what they did to integrate the chip (software side)

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Off course we first have to see what they would actually ship...

However since a lot of Intel NUC platforms are already respected in terms of OpenWrt performance/price/support wise, however ship in most cases with integrated Intel Wireless cards which have no AP mode at all (replaceable if BIOS allows it).

The SteamDeck ships with realtek wifi hardware, but maybe someone with these RZ6xx WiFi adapters could already verify any AP mode driver/firmware capabilities?

@Borromini it seems indeed that its using the mt76 codebase for the rebranded mt7921 RZ6xx devices.