Amazon Route53 DDNS Package Script missing from 21.02

Hi all,

Testing 21.02 rc4. The package ddns-scripts_route53-v1 is not available for 21.02 so my AWS Route53 DDNS updates are failing. The package is working reliably and consistently on 19.07 is there any reason it hasn't been pulled into 21.02?

Is it a maintainer issue?


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So it looks like some significant re-factoring has been done on the DDNS service and file structure since 19.07. It would appear that Route53 is supposed to now be a default service in the DDNS package as there are references to Route53 in various places in:

Most significantly

However something isn't quite right, as Route53 is not selectable in the services list in LUCI and any existing DDNS services set to use route53_v1 fail to start with the error:

Tue Aug 24 12:12:22 2021 user.warn ddns-scripts[16160]: nvr: No update_url found/defined or no update_script found/defined! - TERMINATE
Tue Aug 24 12:12:22 2021 user.warn ddns-scripts[16160]: nvr: PID '16160' exit WITH ERROR '1' at 2021-08-24 12:12

It is there...

E.g. a few random targets...

Or an end-user issue?

You need to install "ddns-scripts-route53" separately.

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this might help, similar issue DDNS reports no update_url found with custom config

Ah so it's changed name.

In 19.07 it was: ddns-scripts_route53-v1

In 21.02 it is now: ddns-scripts-route53

Obvious if you're doing it for the first time... not obvious if you have an existing package list that you use for the ImageBuilder.

Perhaps, but in my defence this appears to be an entirely undocumented change between 19.07 and 21.02! Additionally the latest version of the Wiki for DDNS makes no reference to Route53 support and in several places refers to the old style package naming convention with the underscores for other providers.


The good news is, once the package is installed with the new naming convention, old 19.07 DDNS configs work with it without need for any updates.

I'm sure others will run into similar issues when they upgrade from 19.07 to 21.02.

Feel free to help others by correcting & enhancing the documentation in wiki.

OpenWrt is a community effort. As there is no paid staff, all documentation etc. is done by users like you and me. (The same goes for the actual development.)
If, as an user of a specific package/feature, you notice wrong/missing info regarding that feature, please correct it.

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Indeed! Hit this today with imagebuilder, and there's zero indication why it fails. If it had said something simple like "package not found" that would have made troubleshooting a lot easier.

Anyways, pasting the output here in case someone else runs across these issues.

opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package
make[2]: *** [Makefile:167: package_install] Error 255
make[1]: *** [Makefile:122: _call_image] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:240: image] Error 2
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