Alternatives to Chinese made hardware

Pretty generic question I know but I'm wondering if there are non Chinese manufacturers that build and sell low cost openwrt devices. I don't care if they are routers or not, I'm just looking for openwrt based devices.

With all the flack that China is taking and the fact that they are becoming the single largest option world wide, I'd like to have some alternatives in case things get crazy between China and the USA.

However, searching the Internet, I'm not able to find the right keywords or something because all I come across are Chinese goods.

I would think there aren't much companies left not relying on chinese pbc manufacturers. Instantly I can name rasberrypi (uk) and zyxel (taiwan) only. But I would not claim they are cheap. Because this countries are not running fabs ripping ppl. like foxcon & co. It will take time to find a new cheap, "stable" country and build up fabs there. As far as I can say they have choosen vietnam to be next.

Your can buy PC Engines APU2 boards. They are designed in Switzerland with a quality in mind and manufactured in Taïwan. They are very powerfull fanless quad-core boards with 2 or 4 GB RAM and an SSD disc. Specs and board schematics are available freely and the board have an opensource BIOS. So no backdoor. Visit PC Engines shop:

For radio, consider buying the proposed choices on PC Engines shop, i.e. the wle900vx, but I guess it is manufactured in China.

APUs are able to route Gigabyte Internet.
APUs have aes-ni so they are suitable for fast VPN links.

I have a couple of APU1c running and they have are pretty good boards with unbreakable electronics, very stable over time.

OpenWRT has full support for those board, so you can discuss freely with other members using them. The OpenWRT page for the APU2 is:

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You can also go for Fritzbox, which are designed in Germany.

Keep in mind that a lot of parts and components are made in China, Taïwan, USA, etc ...

For example, the Glinet B1300 is made in China but includes an american chipset Qualcomm Atheros IPQ4028 made in Taïwan. You see, it is more complicated than it seems...

Chips are almost always coming from china.
You can choose open source hardware, that you can know what it is made of, and explore manufacturing it locally, like the LibreRouter.

A lot of chips are coming from Taïwan. In fact, Taïwan has the most advanced chip foundries.

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  1. You probably like to use some already produced hardware that is available in your country local. Its far better for the environment to use some already great wifi device instead of often buying some other one that is more worse then some x-years old one with a great ath9k chipset.

  2. You probably like to use 100% free software instead of be scared of "china". There are recently none WLAN-AC or WLAN-AX 100% free software wifi devices . ath9k with 450Mbit on 2,4 and/or 5ghz is still the last 100% free and thus trustworthy technology to my knowledge.

Hardkernel is out of South Korea and has a unique line of quality stuff
Gateworks is based in the USA, and they're an old standby
Casa Systems is based in the USA