Alternative to XConf for OpenWrt

XConf is mainly used for RDK-B. Is there any alternative to XConf that can be used on openWRT ?
Can some one suggest.

For those of you unaware what XConf is - it is an OTA configuration manager and image server etc.

Turris do automatic updates so worth checking out.
Maybe something of interest here:

And maybe in here:


Cucumber Tony:


OpenWISP 7 project:

Are you aware of RESTCONF? How best is it to pull the data from the server

@lleachii came up with a pretty decent suggestion of using OpenWISP and I would be obliged to second this.

It honestly depends what you are trying to achieve. If you want to be able to dynamically set configuration of devices in your network, use openWISP. If you want to set defaults for settings (ie in a production environment) then generate your own image and set settings in the compilation using uci commands.