Alternative to opkg

How can I grab a pkg if I don't have Internet access?

Can I use wget and retrieve pkgs onto a USB stick and subsequently install from there?

yes, you can transfer them using USB, or copy them to your openwrt device from another pc.


BTW, the command to install the offline IPK is still opkg.

You can run the command alone (with no sub-commands) to see the instructions for installing from file.

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But how do I get the pkgs onto the USB in the first place?

I can't run opkg to get pkgs in the first place because I don't have Internet access from the system running OpenWrt.

Please review what I said again:

:bulb: From a source other than the OpenWrt in question.

(If you're saying you have no Internet via other means - solve that chicken-or-the-egg problem first.)

You can download the .ipk files from with any PC to your USB stick.

You do not need opkg for the download.


There may be a chicken or egg situation, though. Unless your current firmware image includes usb drivers, you will not be able to access a usb stick. However, you still have options:

  • download the files to your computer than use scp to move them to the router
  • use the image builder to include the usb drivers in your firmware image
  • use the image builder to include all your packages in the firmware image.

It might be an idea to download all the packages since I don't know exactly what I might need.

How much space do they all take and is there any way of grabbing all of them?

several gigabytes.
"all packages" include lots of stuff, e.g. VoIP exchange software etc.

You do not want "all packages".