Alternative to MT76 based access point

Hi all

I am running 4 AP all of them based on MT7621 with MT7603E and MT76x2E radios.

I am quite unhappy with them since I am hitting all the M76 issue, such loss of IP traffic for 1-2 minutes every now and then, unable to connect to 5Ghz, etc...

I have followed the attempt to integrate the vendor driver in openwrt but it seems the project has been abbandoned.

So, is there any valid alternative on the same price range and same radio capability based on other SoC? Like some ipq target or similar?


MT7603E and MT76x2E are known to do that. You might consider padavan firmware as it has rock solid wireless performance and hardware offload even for wireless . It's much better with 7615 and 7915 If You consider upgrade

I have many routers in AP / STA with MT7621:

Tenbay T-MB5EU
Huasifei AX1800
Xiaomi R3G V1

and no problem ...

I have Cudy WR1300 and NEWIFI-D2 and all of them are not stable, at least with android clients

I do not know padawan firmware, can you point me to the web resource of it?

Just googling it send me to some special router images

What do you mean: not stable with Android ?

I have tried Padavan and PandoraBox I have not seen any differences with the latest versions of OpenWrt

Same here : I have two R6220 (MT7621ST, MT7603E and MT76x2E) used as AP. I use an android smartphone as client, on 5GHz. No problem whatsoever.
Try to reset to default values, and do minimal settings.
Try a master snapshot, the kernel has switched to 5.10 and wifi drivers are uptodate.
Are you using mesh, 802.11r transition or anything else ?
Is there channel overlapping between all these APs ?

Yes you can try IPQ4019 devices if you are still unhappy.

If you check the thread you will see multiple report of stability issue.

The most critical I am experiencing also are:

a) Sometime on connect the interface cannot deliver traffic to the lan bridge, reconnect required
b) Loss of lan traffic for 1-2 minutes every now and then, restores automatically
c) After some days of operation unable to connect to 5Ghz radio, reboot required
d) Sporadic packet loss/speed drop

I remember this thread, but I have not experienced the issue. Is the issue related to a very specifc combination of hardware (MT7621 ST or AT ?), or some vendors ?

I forgot to say that I'm using a custom build with a full featured wpad-wolfssl (no basic, no mesh). I was using 21.02.1 and has switched to master a few days ago.

I hope you could find ...

I am using full wpad-wolfssl as well

This one work even with mt7915 chipset and have fq_codel capable kernel

also back in a 4.xx kernel and mir3g I've tested

It may sounds weird to you, but with the master snapshot based on kernel 5.10, I have better performance on 5GHz than while using 21.02. File transfers (LAN to wifi) can sustain 55 MB/s which is quite impressive for such hardware.

I use wpad-basic-wolfssl

Possible problem with DFS channels but exist also with Padavan & PandoraBox

I have never had any problems for a long time in 5Ghz so much with smartphone Huawei Mate 20 Pro or Samsung , 4 * Android TV , SmarTV LG or Samsung & some Orange TV-UHD box's

Speed in WIFI AC is > 150 Mbits , in WIFI AX > 500 Mbits if the boxes are not too far

My master router is with fiber 2 * 1 GBits up , 600 MBits down

I may try snapshot then

I have attempted to use some MT7621 router as access points
and they as of yet haven't lived up to worth using
I have ended up tracking it down to the the switch
as it's wifi seemed to be having dropouts
but then my desktops / wired having dropouts that do not go through the MT7621
in the end I turn off the wifi & found that just having a device plugged into my network
cased problems for my wired clients
me needing to reload pages that just stopped
this was with v2102 & master as of 2 weeks ago
the only thing I can pit it down to is the DSA stuff not linking all the ports linked
but i have given up for the time & gone back to my older access points
just a note didn't not have this problem with a R6220 on V19

Install the snapshot onto only one device. Don't keep settings and start from scratch. Set channel to 44, and see what happens.

This is very basic in Access Point mode:

1 - Reset box
2 - Start & modify IP LAN to be in the same network as your router with the correct gateway and the DNS of this one or (google)
3 - Program the 5 GHz WIFI with a channel without DFS like 36
WIFI should now be accessible by customers
4 - Put a WIFI key and try again

If everything works you can then try with the auto channel which will then use the DFS

For the DSA you can bypass all WAN and LAN ports which will give you 5 available ports

A question: I don't understand why you need 4 * AP connected in LAN on your router because only one is enough?
For others, it will suffice to make OpenWrt AP master <---- WIFI ----> OpenWrt client

He hasn't described his whole configuration and the scenario of use for the APs. So let's assume he needs all of them, everything is possible. At work I have 3 APs, each in a different building: they are all needed :slight_smile:

If you really want 4 AP just try with only one which should work fine

Then it depends what you want to do

1 - If a new AP connected in LAN on the router it will be identical to the first AP but with a different SSID

2 - Otherwise in Wifi extension with the same first SSID it is possible to make Router <--- LAN ---> OpenWrt 1 AP <--- WIFI ---> OpenWrt 2 STA <--- WIFI or LAN to computer