Alternative to mjpeg-streamer?

Been searching the net and simply cannot confirm there is nothing to replace mjpeg-streamer or have not found anything.

I cannot move to LEDE in this case and mjpeg-streamer keeps crashing. Does anyone know of any other package or method of getting streaming to work on openwrt?

Which router are you using? Which camera @which resolution?

Have you tried ffmpeg already?

I should have added that I've tried using two, a tp-link 703 and the gl-inet mt300n.
I've been using the microsoft studio webcam, Logitech B910 and a couple of others.

No difference. It is something to do with the gl-inet build but since I can't move away from it, I can't get past this problem. I wasn't aware of an ffmpeg based package. Is it similar? I also looked repeatedly on the net for 'alternatives' to mjpeg-streamer but found nothing.

I need something similar, to take a snap and to watch vide from remote with authentication.