Alternative/additional process managers

I develop firmware for a product that runs OpenWrt. My part of it consists of several different processes that communicate via IPC. At the moment I have them managed via procd, I've ordered their boot sequences etc. etc. But there are situations where I really want more sophisticated configuration and control, like dependency based service startup/shutdown, grouped startup/shutdown, increase log level on crashes, etc.

This doesn't even have to replace procd, it could just be run by procd and spawn these services based on its own config.

But I've had a hard time finding anything that fits the bill. Even when searching specifically for embedded or minimal init systems/process managers, most search results are for fully-featured systems (eg. systemd) that won't fit or run on a typical OpenWrt device. Beyond that there's nothing more functional than procd anyway.

Does anyone know if something like this exists for OpenWrt? I'm not averse to porting something suitably small to OpenWrt either! I just need to know where to look.

This is exactly what I do in specific cases. I wrote a daemon script in ash that gets started by procd. It starts my processes then goes into a loop checking/monitoring those processes and reacting as required.
Very simple and no third party package required.

I mean, it's possible, but writing my own is a last resort — if something better is out there, I'd love to find it.