Alternate or multiple DHCP servers

I recently got ATT fiber installed and their router (BGW320-500) implementation of static dhcp addresses drives me crazy.
I like to assign all know devices to a static dhcp address (using their macaddr).
The BGW is quite not like other routers in my knowledge base (Tomato, OpenWrt, Netscreen, Netgear). It has to find the device first and then you get to manually allocate it to an address in your dhcp range.
No command line interface that I can find either.
Sooo, what I'm thinking is to turn off BGW dhcp server, and maybe get my OpenWrt to be the DHCP server. Unfortunately, the OpenWrt dhcp server wants to send itself as the gateway and it's not a gateway; the BGW is.
Started looking at the OpenWrt isc-dhcp-server-ipv4 - hoping it might be able to do something like this.
Anyone know if that might work? I installed it, but haven't dived in yet.
It did give an error during installation (Configuring bind-server.
/etc/rc.common: line 44: rndc-confgen: not found}, but hoping that's not too serious.

Thanks much for any advice.


Oh, forgot to mention. I want the OpenWrt dhcp server to send the BGW address as the gateway instead of itself, and all the other things that dhcp servers set up.



As long as you can disable the DHCP server on the ATT gateway, you can setup DHCP server on the network -- in this case, it would be on your OpenWrt router.

To specify the correct router address, you simply send DHCP option 3 with the address of the gateway. If you choose, you can also specify DHCP option 6 to advertise DNS servers.

Thanks much. Just read up on the more advanced dnsmasq dhcp capabilities, and seems it will do exactly whatI want.


Great. Glad to hear it.

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