Alternate inventory tool for ARM hardware (since dmidecode is not supported in ARM)

I am using ARM hardware wireless AP) and trying to find an inventory tool supported in Openwrt package. I see there is dmidecode under utils section, however i believe it is supported only for X86 and not for ARM. The makefile itself has "DEPENDS:=@(TARGET_x86||TARGET_x86_64)" line also.

Also googling it i found few links mentioning dmidecode is not supported for ARM. - does not support arm platforms

Kindly guide me with an alternate tool to run inventory of the hardware.

Thanks in advance

ARM is not standardized the way x86 is for the “PC” platform.

Some SoCs are serialized, some aren’t. There isn’t even a standard address is there is serialization.

The MAC address in flash can be read, but this also is device-specific as to its location and form. Perhaps easier as it can be seen in the code.

Hi Jeff, Thank you for your time and response. I understand from reading through various links that ARM is not standardized and hence dmidecode will not work with it.

My request is to check if we have any specific tool suggestion which I can try out to gather relevant details.


ubus -S call system board
cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /proc/meminfo

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Hi N8V8R,

Thank you for the response. Yes, i am aware of this commands and it is working seperately. I am much more interested to know if there is any particular tool which can help me get all these command outputs by running a single output.


Shell script?

Thanks stangri !! Yes shell sricpt is an option. Do we have any UCI commands for inventory in Openwrt ?

I have a controller Openwisp frm which i am able to push a script file to AP device, is there a way to trigger execution of that script from controller and uploading the output back to controller ?