Alternate Antennas for Dynalink DL-WRX36?

Anyone replace the antennas with others?

I found these 10dbi antennas I might give them a go.

Although these 8dbi antennas also appear to work.

These 15dbi antennas might just be what I go with!

Have the antenna discussion in a separate thread, it's OT here.

lost me here...

You're good, the topic got split out.

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well, I did find this,

i'm thinking of getting the 2 into 1 and using two of them since the WRX36 has four antennas. This is all in effort to obtain better signal than with the current built in. Particularly since the actual router board will be in a custom case with a NAS box I am building and I want to have the antenna on a 6-8 foot cable up high while the box is lower on the ground

Are you really proposing to take 2 IPX connections on the WRX36 and use a 2-in-1?

Well, if so, at best you'd get much worse signals, at worst you risk damaging the LNA front end of your device.

Considering how optimized the WRX36 antenna are, changing the antennas will almost surely result in poorer performance, especially if you buy no-name antennas from Aliexpress. The specs on pretty much any Aliexpress listing are completely made up, and unlikely to be even close to the performance of the OEM antennas.

Any Aliexpress IPX coax is also likely to be be extremely lossy. If you were to use the OEM antennas and extend them outside the box with an unknown-quality coax, you'd see losses and decreased signal quality. Well, any coaxial cable will have losses, the best might only lose ~0.4dB per meter, but once you factor in the terminations, you'd lose at least 1dB for a 1M extension. And longer antenna cable will change the LNA optimization, generating standing waves that will mess up the signal.

Lastly, changing the relative position of the antennas will change how beamforming works, negating pretty much that functionality.

Use a longer ethernet cable and position the WRX36 in the best location if you want better signal. Don't mess with the antennas. Unless you are an antenna designer, you will make things dramatically worse compared to the OEM antennas (including potentially frying your device radio front end)