Allowing SMB access from 192.168.3 lan to 192.168.0 lan with BT HH5a

Hello everyone,

I have two separate lans. One operates on 192.168.3.x and the other on 192.168.0.x.

Using a BT HH5a running openwrt 21.2.5 I Ideally want to connect the 192.168.3.x lan to the red WAN port of the HH5a and use the four yellow LAN ports for the 192.168.0.x lan.

IP address for the red WAN port should be and the yellow LAN side should be Wireless devices are connecting to the 192.168.0.x side. DSL and DHCP are not required and are currently disabled. This far I can get ok.

I want the 192.158.3.x lan to be able to access an SMB server at Try as I might I cannot correctly set things up to port forward :frowning:

Is what I am trying to do achievable? I don't mind resetting the config and reconnecting in a different fashion if that's what's needed.



Since DSL and DHCP are disabled on 192.168.0.x side, why not configure it for dump AP instead?,
You just need to connect lan to lan, and configure few things. you should be able to access samba running on dump AP from your main router (192.168.3.x) if I understood this correctly.

I only wish to allow access from the 192.168.3.x lan to the smb server. Both lans have their own separate DSL connections and respective default routes. I'd like to keep things firewalled.


are both devices running OpenWrt?

192.168.3.x has a dynamic BT DSL connection via Smart hub 6. has a static IP DSL connection via another HH5a running openwrt.

I have the additional HH5a running openwrt to try and achieve the config I previously mentioned.


In order to do what you're asking, your routers need to be able to set static routes.... does the Smart Hub 6 support this?

Sadly I don't think the smart hub has this ability.

If I understand your desired topology, it won't be possible without static routes.

It was just an idea. To utilise spare storage on the smb server for backups from the 192.168.3 side. If the additional router won't cut it it will need another NAS.