All the traffic does not go thorough OpenVPN DNS

Hi, on my Xiaomi 4A I have OpenWrt-21.02.
When the OpenVPN connection is started, all the traffic will not go through the VPN DNS, for example here are 2 traceroutes:

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
 1  203.644 ms
 2  xx.xx.xx.xx  204.651 ms [VPN Server Public Add]
 3  205.309 ms
 4  265.585 ms
 5  205.861 ms
 6  205.016 ms
 7  216.754 ms
 8  216.686 ms
 9  293.640 ms
10  289.358 ms
11  305.522 ms
12  290.884 ms
13  289.716 ms
14  315.362 ms
15  310.754 ms
16  *
17  326.277 ms
18  311.792 ms
traceroute: bad address ''

It is surprising when the VPN is running and my public IP is my VPN server IP, still, the Name Server is!!!!


Address 1:

*** Can't find No answer
Address 1:

How Can I solve this issue?
Thank you in advance

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Dnsmasq running as a local DNS forwarder is normal.
Disable peer DNS and configure a public DNS provider.

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Thanks for the reply;
I unchecked the peer DNS in "Advance Setting" tab of luci OpenVPN interface and set as the DNS server.
Afterward, I lost the internet connection :disappointed_relieved:

Use a public resolver such as Google DNS, or switch DNS dynamically.

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Appreciated :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

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