All files are 777 and root passwd change does not work

drwxrwxrwx 33 root root 5544 Aug 25 2017 etc

-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 190 Sep 8 15:28 passwd
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 190 Jan 20 2017 passwd-

-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 153 Sep 8 15:28 shadow
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 153 Jan 20 2017 shadow-

so why in god's name i get this when I want to change root password??
Changing password for root

New password:

Retype password:

passwd: can't create '/etc/shadow+': Read-only file system

passwd: can't update password file /etc/shadow

if whole folder is RW and all 4 files tooo why this error message?

in your other post 3 weeks ago, you claim to not yet run OpenWRT

are you now running the real OpenWRT? As the forum here unfortunately is not gifted with any knowledge about vendor-modified derivate firmwares.


Read only filesysyem. Individual file permissions can't override that

Pico - its openwrt now
jaromanda - so partition when mounted as read-only it does not matter user is root and folder/file permissions are 777 I still can't change root pasword using passwd command?
how can i fix this without flashing ? can mount fix this?

then please post the output of

ubus call system board

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Determine why is read only


jaromanda - how? i am not networker or linux expert :slight_smile:

pico Command failed: Not found

how about this
root@xxxxxxx :/etc# cat openwrt_version

this is ancient, upgrade, 8 years ago.

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Actually, it's >10 years. 12.09 was released on April 25, 2013. I don't actually recall any service releases (i.e. the .1) for this version, but that's largely irrelevent given the age of this release.

That said, @20a - this version is absolutely not supported anymore -- it has been EOL and unsupported for nearly a decade now. Due to the security vulnerabilities in such an old version, I urge you to remove this device from service -- it should not be used on any network under any circumstances, especially one connected to the interent.

I assumed it wasn't EOLed the same day it was released, so I added 2 years ,)

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what are those vulnerabilities?
pico/ jaromanda any ideas on how to mount partition as rw?

I don't have a list to share... but, if you want, you can go through each subsequent release notes (IIRC, every single release, including maintenence releases, has included numerous fixes). You'll be looking through 7 major releases, each with multiple maintenence releases. Along the way, there have been a few massive vulnerabilities. Keep in mind that you're talking about a release that is 10 years old here... that's ancient. Maybe a bit of hyperbole here, but if you were to translate 10 calendar years of software development into the equivalent of something like seismic building codes, you'd probably be looking at early 1900s standards. You probably wouldn't want to live in a fault-zone in a building that was not up-to-date with at least relatively recent codes.

I guess you dotn have solution.

Have you managed to upgrade to a current version of OpenWrt (i.e. 22.03)? Until you have done that, we really can't help since 12.09 is so old as to be practically a different OS entirely.

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I guess you're not paying attention.

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i was asking for your advise just ignore this topic.altogh i see that I was replying to your post also i was replying to

how is mounting partition different in 12.09 than in 22.03?


you could try something similar from SSH
dmesg | grep -E 'read.?only'
maybe you will have a clue why it is mounting read-only file system

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I have no idea, but we're talking about a decade of software development and evolution.

Is there a particular reason that you are resistant to upgrading to 22.03?

Slight tangent, but I just looked up the end of support dates for Windows versions... Windows XP SP3 support ended in April 2014 (9 years go). So for reference, you could compare the idea of getting meaningful support for 12.09 to that of getting Windows XP support. Unless you have a mission critical system (that is not connected to the internet) which absolutely requires XP to run, you wouldn't have any real reason to run such an old vesion.

You might be able to look at the Wiki and hit the history button on any respective pages to get historical information. Although, can only find one page that may have information relevant to version 12:

The advice was to upgrade.