"all categories" dropdown on startpage

Why is there now a "all categories" dropdown on the startpage?
It seems superfluous, since right below is a listing of all categories...


I first noticed it yesterday.

It seems the purpose is to filter Latest, New, Unread, and Top theads.

However, I agree it should not be on the landing page.

@thess Could it be that this happened inadvertently during the forum software update on sunday?

Yes, it is possible - I didn't notice it. I moved the 'Categories' button to the end of the selection which makes 'Latest' the landing page. Individual users can set their own preference for the default home page.

The "Categories" button selects a view style while the "All categories" drop-down is used to select which category you want to view.

I just changed my preferences to Categories, and the drop down still shows on the landing page.

I would expect to see it on the Latest, New, Unread, and Top views only.

Well, yes. They are different and serve different purposes. Are you suggesting that we remove the "feature" because it's new and/or different? If we allowed tags, we would have an "All tags" dropdown too.

As @tmomas said, it doesn't seem to make sense to have the drop down in the Categories view.

Makes total sense in the other views.

Clicking on the drop down selection in Categories does the same thing as clicking on a Category title...it takes you to the Latest view for whatever you clicked.

I also think having Categories as the default view is helpful for new users who are looking for the appropriate section to post in.

Having Latest as the default doesn't give them that information.

You're right, I put it back the way it was. Categories is supposed to be the default landing page.

The "All Categories" drop-down seems to be the Discourse default style on many sites. If there are enough objections, we can remove it.

I would suggest keeping it for all other views except the Category default landing page.

"All Categories" and "Categories" right next to each other on the landing page doesn't make sense.

Then you would have in all other views “All Categories” and “Categories” right next to each other.
Why should we do so?

You currently do not have Categories in any other view page except the landing page, so that situation will never exist.

There is a drop down that currently serves that function in other views that is labeled with the Category title (i.e. For Developers).

I'm suggesting just standardizing it to say All Categories and leave it off the landing page.

Are we talking about the same thing?
That's how it looks on my side: “All Categories” and “Categories” on all pages.



Then, I was suggesting removing Categories from the Latest, New, and Unread views and just using the drop down...


However, the drop down would not be needed on the landing page.

Either way, IMO, there only needs to be one way to change categories on a page.

I'm sure you guys will find the best way.