Alix 2D13 support, 4GB compact flash image

Dear all,

I have some old 2D13 Pc Engines embedded Geode stations and I am quite surprised how fast and stable those are. 2D13 has 256MB of RAM and 3 x 100Mb/s NICs, it is perfect for firewalls and small appliances.

I am curious about LEDE provided images, as it is ext4 filesystem on compact flash.

This ext4 combined image works perfectly, but I am worried the compact flash might "wear" pretty quickly.

Usually, PC engines 2D13 boards are installed with 4GB, 8GB ou 16GB CF cards.
LEDE squashfs image is only 21 MB:

So does this mean I should create an ext4 system on flash for additional storage?
If you don't mind, I would prefer a system running on 2GB flash using squashFS, to avoid wearing the CF.

How can this be done ?

Kind regards,

I read:

So even on squashsf, there is overlay ...
So I should install the ext4 combined filesystem anyway.

Is that it?

I'm pushing 2 years on the same card in my ALIX

So that's fine! My ALIX is older than 2 years. Should be okay...