Alice adsl pppoa setup

Dear all,
is someone able to tell me how to configure my modem for the telecom italia adsl?

I'm using a HG655b modem/router with the last LEDE firmware.

The setup should be on pppoa:
VCI = 35
VPI = 8
encap = VC-MUX
user = aliceadsl
pass = aliceadsl

I've installed the pppoa packages successfully but nothing seems to work.

Currently I have 2 interfaces: LAN with static ip and a pppoa set as before

What I have to do to make it working?

Thanks in advance

i've googled and i found this
you should use ppoe not ppoa and the encap should be llc

I've already tried with the same result.
Nothing works.

I'm using the browser to set the modem/router.
So it will be appreciate if someone can tell me how to configure it using the browser, not using the terminal with the SSH interface.
I expect something like the commercial modem/router where you can do all in the browser. Normally there is a setup wizard using those.



Hi Alessio,
as you can read here LEDE doesn't support the DSL modem, so you can't make it work as modem-router.
If you have another LEDE capable device you can configure it as following:

  • revert the modem to its original firmware
  • configure the modem in bridge mode
  • configure the LEDE router to handle PPPoA/E connection on WAN
  • connect the WAN port of the router to one of the LAN port of the modem
  • connect your LAN devices to the LAN ports of the router

Best regards

Please note that you will only be able to run PPPoA directly from a dsl capable device, so with a bridged modem you need to use PPPoE.

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Why there's no WAN interface available on this device?
Is it a limitation of LEDE using the HG655b/d?

It seems looking at this page

No progress has been done from that openWrt version?

Specs for the bcm6348 are in progress, while bcm6338/6345/6358 are in queue. Bcm6368 seems to use a different architecture

Because seems to be easy to configure a LEDE device for the adsl connection.

Thanks in advance

If you mean using the RJ11(DSL) port as WAN, LEDE/OpenWrt does not support the DSL modem because of no available driver, you can read it here:

You can configure one of the RJ45 port to be the WAN port ( if you'd like to use it as router only.

In fact it's easy:
you can't use the HG655b as both modem & router with LEDE;
this is possible only with the factory firmware;
you can set your HG655b in (modem) bridge mode and have another LEDE router handling the PPPoE connection;
you can use your HG655b as router with LEDE, but the DSL modem isn't available this way.

Best regards