Alfred stopped working after upgrade

I have a mesh network working, using Alfred alfred 2018.1

I'm now running Openwrt 19.07.07, using alfred 2019.2-3

Before, this worked (alfred 2018.1)

batctl n | alfred -s 66
alfred -r 66
{ "94:83:c4:07:08:4a", "[B.A.T.M.A.N. adv 2018.1, MainIF/MAC: eth0/94:83:c4:07:08:4a (bat0/7e:92:61:9e:fe:72 BATMAN_IV)]\x0aIF             Neighbor              last-seen\x0a        mesh0\x09  e4:95:6e:49:a9:1d    0.040s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:0e:47:81    0.110s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:07:0a:c5    0.240s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:0d:9b:b1    0.530s\x0a" },
{ "94:83:c4:07:0a:c4", "[B.A.T.M.A.N. adv 2018.1, MainIF/MAC: eth0/94:83:c4:07:0a:c4 (bat0/6a:e5:5e:db:fe:10 BATMAN_IV)]\x0aIF             Neighbor              last-seen\x0a        mesh0\x09  e4:95:6e:49:a9:1d    0.140s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:0e:47:81    0.220s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:07:08:4b    0.360s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:0d:9b:b1    0.630s\x0a" },
{ "e4:95:6e:49:a9:1c", "[B.A.T.M.A.N. adv 2018.1, MainIF/MAC: eth0/e4:95:6e:49:a9:1c (bat0/e2:a2:0c:01:46:33 BATMAN_IV)]\x0aIF             Neighbor              last-seen\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:07:08:4b    0.580s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:0e:47:81    0.450s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:07:0a:c5    0.570s\x0a        mesh0\x09  94:83:c4:0d:9b:b1    0.860s\x0a" },

Now, with 2019.2-3:

batctl n | alfred -s 66
alfred -r 66

I get nothing.

NOTE: I have both on the network, and the "alfred -r 66" is showing both old and new, It would appear that the problem is specifically with "alfred -r" on the new nodes.

Not sure where to look. Help?


Uninstall alfred and reinstall and see if it spits out any errors?

Disk space? df -h

Are all the dependencies for alfred up to date? BATMAN? opkg list-upgradable

wpad versions all the same on the nodes?

batctl version mismatch between nodes?

Compare opkg list-installed from a node running alfred 2018.1 to a node running alfred 2019.2-3?

From the opkg description for alfred:

"alfred then takes care of distributing the local information to other alfred servers on other nodes. This is done via IPv6 link-local multicast, and does not require any configuration. A user can request data from alfred, and will receive the information available from all alfred servers in the network."

Some kind of IPv6 problem?

Is alfred even running? HTOP? ps? I know there has been issues in the past with daemons or functions not running after a reboot or initializing / loading correctly that was resolved with hotplug.

Check alfred bug reports?