Alfa AWUS036ACS problem with AP

I have a problem with wifi adapter Alfa AWUS036ACS based on chipset Realtek RTL8811AU. I tried install kmod-rtl8xxxu , kmod-rtl8812au-ct but my device is only visable when I put ifconfig -a , when I putting ifconfig only visable in terminal is wlan0 basic chipset Raspberry Pi 4 B. Anyone have idea what is wrong?

Realtek's what's wrong.

Get another, non RTL, device.

so can I buy AWUS036ACM with MediaTek MT7612U? MediaTek is supported?

Some of the confusion with these devices is because one manufacturer, GL-iNet, supported a couple Realtek USB dongles in their firmware which is derived from OpenWRT.

It's hard to know when, or if, the patches they made will make it into OpenWRT proper.

I have an Alfa AWUS036ACS dongle with RTL8811AU chipset which I used as my daily driver WAP for over a year on a GLi router with rock-solid reliability. So whatever driver GL-iNet had produced for their firmware (for the Brume devices) is rock solid stable, but I have not figured out how to tell if those patches will be, or are, upstreamed.