Alfa AWUS036ACS problem with AP

I have a problem with wifi adapter Alfa AWUS036ACS based on chipset Realtek RTL8811AU. I tried install kmod-rtl8xxxu , kmod-rtl8812au-ct but my device is only visable when I put ifconfig -a , when I putting ifconfig only visable in terminal is wlan0 basic chipset Raspberry Pi 4 B. Anyone have idea what is wrong?

Realtek's what's wrong.

Get another, non RTL, device.

so can I buy AWUS036ACM with MediaTek MT7612U? MediaTek is supported?

Some of the confusion with these devices is because one manufacturer, GL-iNet, supported a couple Realtek USB dongles in their firmware which is derived from OpenWRT.

It's hard to know when, or if, the patches they made will make it into OpenWRT proper.

I have an Alfa AWUS036ACS dongle with RTL8811AU chipset which I used as my daily driver WAP for over a year on a GLi router with rock-solid reliability. So whatever driver GL-iNet had produced for their firmware (for the Brume devices) is rock solid stable, but I have not figured out how to tell if those patches will be, or are, upstreamed.

Well, here there is a driver for RTL8811AU:

The driver claims that can be compiled with OpenWrt and also have been tested against a recent version. Here the problem is that there is not a compiled package from to where install it. Hope that someone merge the code and it should work...

same reply as in the other thread where you posted this, that someone would be you.

Same reply as in the other thread. Not necessarily me. Someone more is updating the package and testing it against OpenWrt: